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Hello fellow Amateur Radio,
My name is Suprangto or you may call me just Prangto and my call sign is YC2UPT. I live in Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia. Yogyakarta is located about 700 KM south east of Capital city Indonesia Jakarta. Yogyakarta is well known as Batik city, Silver city, Gudheg city ( Gudheg is the famous special food in Yogyakarta ) and also well known as Student city because a lots of Universities here. If you want to know  my Home QTH you may click on My Location text link above.

Currently Amateur radio operators other than communicate using  radio, because the progress of IT today we can use the internet to communicate between radio operators throughout the world, among others, by using amateur radio softwares below:

APRS system was created and introduced by Bob Bruninga, amateur radio operator (WB4APR), APRS stands for Automatic Position Reporting System or short for Automatic Packet Reporting System. Initially the system only reports the position information. However, in recent years APRS not only to report the location of an object. Now it is used for reporting the weather, the location of the earthquake, the location of objects that do not have the APRS system, the location of the car who is traveling even for report the location of a particular event such as the location of Ham Fest, Amateur Local summit, the General Assembly or to find a location / place we've never been visit before etc.
To activate APRS please download  32full203.exe file (5.02MB). Click here
Have Adroid Mobile or Tablet? Download APK - APRSdroid directly with your HP or your Tablet Please note that APRSdroid can not be downloaded using a computer with Windows OS, but must be downloaded and installed directly using the HP or Adroid Tablet operating system. Click download the APK installation manual then click APRSdroid-contained current.APK bottom row. Then install.

eQSO is a client / server software program designed by the Amateur Radio Amateur to connect RF Radio gateway dan repeaters via the Internet.
EQSO software using Voice-Over-IP and Internet network connecting radio users throughout the world. To activate this new software, users must REGISTER to get the password and activation code.
Unfortunately eQSO website is now closed for new registrations. Please try using FRN (Free Radio Network) to join eQSO. Please download the FRN Software Click here.

Echolink allows Amateur Radio stations to connect to each other via the Internet. You can use Echolink to connect your station (or computer) via the Internet to other amateur radio stations using the same software, and perform voice QSO. It is very possible range of mobile and portable VHF / UHF-FM access directly to repeater station. You can access the Echolink either by radio or computer. If you are within range of an FM repeater or simplex stations equipped with Echolink, you can use DTMF commands from your radio to access the network Echolink. If you are using a PC connected to the Internet, you can access the Echolink stations directly from your PC throughout the world.
How do we start using it?
First, download the software from You will be asked to give your callsign and e-mail address. Then, install the software on your PC, make sure you have a good internet connection (modem 56k or more), and begin to register to Echolik server. The final step is to send the copy of proof  license via email with a jpg or gif format so that your callsign will be added to the system.

Echolink can not connect with another station? the solution? Click here.

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Yogyakarta local morning net:
YC2ZUY Freq.: 145.500MHz
at 06:00 local time or 23:00 UTC

APRS Internet Gateway:
YC2UPT  Freq: 144.390 MHz

APRS Digipeater:
YB2WB-1 Freq : 144.390 MHz

Malioboro eQSO Gateway:
YB2DWJ Freq: 147.600 MHz


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